About Rask Fire-Life Safety

RASK can provide the following services for your life safety systems in your buildings:

  • Fire Alarm Inspection and service including sensitivity testing of smoke detectors

  • Emergency light testing and service

  • Sprinkler system inspection and service

  • Fire Extinguisher inspection and service

  • Fire door inspection and service

  • Building system preventative maintenance programs as required by NFPA 1-13 -20-25 & 72

  • Backflow preventer testing

All inspections include minor repairs if they can be performed during the allotted time for the inspection; if parts are required they will not be installed unless approved by the building personnel and the only additional cost will be for the replacement parts. If further repairs are required they will be quoted on a lump sum price. All inspection reports are reviewed with building personnel prior to submittal to the local authority having jurisdiction. If major repairs are required for the systems RASK will work with building personnel to prepare a comprehensive plan and timetable to submit to the local authorities so the building owners have time to get competitive pricing for these repairs. All inspection agreements are made on a one to three-year bases with renewal 30 days from contract end date. Building owners may terminate any contract agreement with RASK with 30 days notice at any time.

Rask can also provide 24-hour service on all of your building systems through partnerships with

State Line Fire (building sprinkler systems), Peerless Midwest (Fire pumps and controllers) AAA, Inc (Kitchen hood systems) and RASK for all of your fire alarm needs. Having RASK manage all aspects of your buildings Life Safety systems frees up building personnel to do other important work to maintain other building systems.

RASK fire alarm service calls are based on $75.00 per hour 7:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday through Friday except on holidays, Saturday and Sunday when hourly rate is $120.00 per hour and after hours rate is $91.00 per hour. RASK technicians are required to remain on site for 1 hour after repair to ensure that the system is functional. If a technician arrives on site prior to 3:00 pm only base rates apply, after hour rates are only applied if service is requested after 5:00 pm. Many times owners can avoid service calls by calling our 24-hour service line (1-888-531-RASK) to request phone assistance; there is no charge for this service if your building has a contract with RASK for your building inspections.

Thank you for the opportunity to assist in all of your Life Safety needs.

Mission Statement

To service our customers in a manner that will create a client relationship that will last. Provide quick and accurate information to our clients so that decisions regarding building life safety, construction and maintenance can be made. Continue to grow and evolve through continued education and additional personnel so that future Clients needs can be met in an economical and professional manner.