24-Hour Support

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All personnel will be contacted through a 24-hour (live person) answering service. This service will sort what type of problem i.e. Sprinkler, Fire Pump or Computer Room and contact the appropriate personnel. They will also determine if the problem requires immediate response or can wait until the next business day. The service will also include a monthly log of all reported problems and resolutions.

Contact Information:

24/7 Support — 219-531-0167
Fax — 219-531-6312
Email — [email protected]

Key Personnel Fire Protection Systems:

Steve Sutton (emergency cell) — 219-241-6426

Licensed Backflow Prevention Technician:

Ryan Sutton — 219.628.2996
Brett Lakin — 219.508.4246

Computer Room & Alarms:

Ryan Sutton — 219.628.2996
Steve Sutton — 219.241.6426

Fire Pumps:

Steve Sutton — 219.241.6426

Now Offering Backflow Prevention Services

Our licensed backflow prevention technician can test, inspect, service, or install a new backflow.

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